Friday, May 2, 2008


I continue to be impressed and surprised by Asher. We are at the farm which means that when we get home I'll upload and post lots of pictures of Grandma, Granddaddy, and Andrea with the kids and us. Perhaps some horses, goats, guineas, etc. too.

We drove up yesterday and as we were getting close and Asher was asking how much farther and if we'd seen Andrea's house yet, I said, "no. I haven't seen her house. I've only seen one Elephant." Then I added, "I've only seen one Elephant and Two Giraffes." Rachel added "One Elephant, Two Giraffes, and three Guinea Pigs." We asked Ash if he wanted to play when we got to five and he not only jumped in to add on five trees but was able to continue to play through 16 whatevers. He is still remembering today and wanted to throw the Frisbee to all the things we saw. I've already forgotten and he remembers!

Yep, on our drive we saw:
One elephant
Two giraffes
Three guinea pigs
Four butterflies
Five trees
Six penguins
Seven dolphins
Eight horses
Nine bales of hay
Ten unicycles
Eleven persons
Twelve bumblebees
Thirteen windmills
Fourteen doggies
Fifteen farms
Sixteen goats

Just to reiterate, while typing this I couldn't remember past unicycles but Asher told me the rest.

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