Thursday, August 2, 2012


After losing our beloved Lucy a few months ago, it has just been a matter of time until we got another dog.  Then Rachel's mom's Affenpinscher had puppies and voila, we decided to take both of them.  It's a big change going from 2 40+ pound dogs to dogs that weigh under 5 pounds right now and won't be larger than 20 pounds when full grown.  It's also a big change to have puppies again with all that entails (potty training, soft food, shots, trips to the vet, picking up shoes and bags and books and toys off the floor all the time). 

Without further ado I present our two puppies:  Luke Groundwalker and Stormageddon: The Dog Lord of All (Stormy for short). 

Luke attacks the bone

Stormy does not want to be disturbed

Both puppies napping with Rachel

Get it, Luke!