Sunday, May 11, 2008

Growing, growing, growing...

Chiara is growing and growing. I guess Asher is as well but it's harder to tell with him. We took her to her four month check-up last month and everything was just fine. She's 25 inches (I think, I'm not looking at the sheet), 15 lb, 9.5 oz and her head is round although I can't recall the size. Our pediatrician always says that they can be on any growth curve they want but they're on a curve. I was hoping to find a cute widget that would graph out her growth but when I searched for growth charts, I found the curves but not that you could insert the growth points. It's probably overkill regardless.

Her recent tricks include: sitting up for 10 or more seconds before falling forward or to the side, easily and artfully rolling from her back to her front, grabbing toys, meowing, and fitting her entire hand in her mouth. And then there are the enduring tricks of projectile milk... well, projection and looking extremely cute.

She looks a little like she's asking a question here I think. I wonder what it is.

Here are two super cute pictures of Chiara sleeping in her mama's lap.

Here are three photos to show her hair and this crazy outfit. Bright colors and flowers. I don't think there are any parrots on this one but they would have fit right in.

And of course, snuggles with her brother.

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