Friday, June 5, 2009


Here are some assorted cute pictures. This basket stands by the back door to hold towels to clean off dog-feet, balls, and other miscellaneous stuff. In this case, I guess the miscellaneous stuff was Chiara:

Chiara has her first obsession. Nernie. You know Nernie of Sesame Street. Of Bert and Nernie? We were at T@rget and saw this Bert and Ernie ball. If you press on the mouth of either side the ball says something or laughs and shakes.

Last week the kids wanted to do a craft so I set up the table to paint while Rachel was working. They were painting in one of those books where you just use a wet paintbrush and the color is on the page. Quite honestly, the books seems pretty worn out and not much paint was actually coloring the page, but that didn't seem to bother them.

And one day last week Asher, Chiara, Bumpy (the bunny), and I went to Wh0le Foods. We got what may be the only race car cart in the sore but it really made for an easy trip.