Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kid Pictures

Here are a few kid pictures. We've been going swimming at an indoor pool but it was too cold for Chiara so Rachel ordered her a kid wetsuit. It is quite easy to get into and she seems quite warm in it. And of course if you wear it around with your winter hat, it is really warm.

And we all walked the Texas Round-up 5K this weekend. Asher got this cute shirt (I wish I had ordered an XL kids shirt rather than the adult because his is much cuter). Here he is posing in it. Also there was a photographer at the race and he took a picture of Ash just as he ran across the finish line so hopefully I'll be able to post that once they are all cataloged and posted.

Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 MS150

This weekend, our brother and brother-in-law will be riding their bikes from Houston to Austin to raise money for the Texas MS150. I believe this is David's sixth time to do this ride and Norm's 3rd. Over the years they have been able to raise thousands of dollars for MS research.

If you'd like to donate to either, please click the links:

Donate to David's ride.

Donate to Norm's ride.