Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boo Bash at Austin Children's Museum

Last night we went to the annual Boo Bash - a Halloween party for homeschoolers - at the Austin Children's Museum. Asher was a one-way sign and Chiara was a kitty cat with a purple ribbon. Hopefully we'll get some better pictures on the real camera this weekend. These are from my phone:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October Pictures

Asher and Chiara playing trains or puzzle together:

Or roaring...

Jenni and Asher reading his Periodic Table book:

Chiara dancing:

Asher, Chiara, and Rachel playing on the trampoline. Chiara is wearing one of the sweaters Grandma Susi made. I think that this one was Hannah's and Nina sent it but perhaps it was Ezra's. I can't remember anymore but really appreciate everyone sharing.

Chiara vogueing in the hat Rachel knitted for her:

Asher asleep on his Solar System: Earth and Lightning McQueen car (you can't see it) in a fortress of pillows and still wearing his glasses:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Skating at Alissa's Party

Like the pictures from Inks Lake, these pictures were taken on the cell phone so they aren't great quality. This weekend we drove down to Houston to go to Alissa's birthday party. Happy 10th Birthday, Alissa! She had an ice skating party and Asher has wanted to try ice skating.

First Alissa and her friend helped him and then Norm skated with him. Asher went around the rink once and only fell one or two times. He had a very fun time.

And Chiara enjoyed the pizza!

By the way, Alissa and Mitzi made the scarves for party favors.