Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween has come and almost gone. The doorbell ringing is tapering off and all that's left in our bowl are assorted flavored tootsie rolls. Well, and now the candy is gone and I've turned off the lights.

Chiara swinging in her Halloween onesie while Rachel was working on the pumpkins.

Like something out of Psycho for Pumpkins:

Said Jack-O-Lanterns:

Pebbles (note the bone in her hair):

Stuart Little:

The Genie, Stuart, and Pebbles:

Also, Chiara decided to start clapping today! I'll upload video to prove it as soon as I have it.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mmm. Carrots

In the continuing genre of pictures taken of the kids at similar times/stages/actions, we bring you carrot-eating-babies. The first picture is Asher having some carrots in my lap over at the Serrins/Kremer house one day. The second is Chiara "enjoying" some carrots a few days ago. Asher is about 6 months old in his picture, Chiara, 10.

Play, Play, Play

This week we have various pictures of play.

Asher and Chiara playing side-by-side:

Doesn't it look like Chiara is telling Daniel a secret?

Cutie Daniel:

This box of blocks from LD & Joey has been one of the most useful and fun toys of all time.

Finally, just cuteness

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Morning After

We went out for Breakfast tacos at Rudy's, hosted by Ted and Becky, and attended by quite a wonderful crowd. We ate on the patio but the outside patio had a huge table (I heard someone saying that it's a Rudy's tradition but I've only ever been to this Rudy's). Asher had a great time playing on and under and around the table. It was a regular table preposition party.

I think this one is just adorable and it makes me happy that he was wearing these pants the day after rather than the day before the wedding. Yes, the picture is oriented correctly; he was lying on the ground under the bench.

He had fun sitting in the big chair:

And he got to snuggle with Joey & LD. Or at least LD & one of Joey's dismembered arms (in the first picture).

Laura & Jason's Wedding and Reception

This weekend we got to attend Laura and Jason's wedding in Denton. It was a really beautiful celebration and we had a very good time. Asher was the life of the party and is in more wedding photos than you might expect due to his love for cake.

Rachel made a sling to match her dress and it was quite beautiful.

I'm sure there will be many more and better pictures of Laura and Jason than these but we didn't take many pictures of the wonderful couple.