Thursday, September 27, 2012


The puppies are nearly 4 months old and growing quickly.  Both will weigh 10 pounds soon and they are going in next week for a set of very special surgeries.  They are very fun little pets and like to play boisterously with Annie and then sleep hard.   We're enjoying them tremendously.

Chiara and Stormy

Monday, September 24, 2012

Celtic Music Festival

Saturday we went to the Celtic Music Festival.  It was a pretty hot day but we got out there shortly after lunch and walked around to see the vendors and listen to the music.  The kids both got excited and wanted to stay in the jail for a while:

We let each child choose one ride and they both chose the "roller coaster". Neither one wanted to do the jousting challenge but they each rode the dragon once and the horse once.  Asher was excited that when he rode the horse, the woman taking money and helping the kids onto the horse called him "Sir Knight." 

Chiara racing on the dragon

Sir Knight

Asher on the dragon

Chiara getting settled on the dragon

Pure Joy
Sir Knight with the Jousting stick (which he declined)
Chiara on the horse (with the jousting stick)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Shuttle Endeavor

One of the advantages of working downtown and so near the Capitol is that sometimes you see something you wouldn't see elsewhere.  This week the space shuttle Endeavor made its farewell tour on the way to the California Science Center.  This was the view from my window at work.  The top picture is mine (sorry to say that I haven't learned how to use the zoom on my new phone yet). The bottom picture was taken by a co-worker standing next to me but clearly he understood how to use the zoom on his phone.