Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Pictures

Wow. The Summer is nearly half-over and I haven't posted pictures in months. The good news is that the kids are as adorable as always (I swear); we just haven't taken many pictures lately. Or the ones we have taken are on our cell phones and we just keep them there. Our Summer is going very well. We've visited the farm, had a long visit from Phoebe, and done a lot of swimming. Asher is able to stay afloat and swim without touching bottom. It's still a doggy-paddle but it's swimming! Neither Asher nor Chiara want to put their faces in the water.

Chiara loves dress-up. We found this hand-me-down ladybug costume and she has worn it many days in the last two weeks.

Here are some pictures of the kids while they were dressed to go to a party.

And a picture of Chiara enjoying some corn on the cob.

I hope everyone is having as nice (if not as hot and dry) as summer as we are.