Monday, February 25, 2008

Look at that dog go

So the reason we got this new camera (besides the fact that the batteries lasted about 3 pictures and then took forever for the camera to take a picture) was that it shot video. But this is the first video I've tried to post here.

In terms of explanation of this game... I really can't tell you. As I understand it, Asher is the dog and Rachel is the "bone" and the bone tries to get the dog? I know, it's beyond me too but it looks fun, don't you think?

Cute kids

Here's a picture of Asher doing some Yoga from Rachel's deck of Yoga cards. Actually he likes the pink ones which are pregnancy better so this is from that deck.
How cute are these pictures? The second one? A smile. Wow.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rachel's Birthday

Hmmm. I thought there were some adorable pictures here of Chiara smiling and floating in the bathtub. I'll have to make those their own entry. Ok.

We had a little birthday lunch for Rachel at Freddie's this weekend. It was short notice so not all our guests could make it but those who did enjoyed the weather and play scape and of course food and cake. When we told Asher who was coming he said, "Those are all my best friends!" Very exciting.

I baked the cake and Asher and Rachel iced it:

It was my first time to meet Dylan Sullivan and hold him. What a cutie!

Audrey, Will, & Keegan ordering some lunch:

Ash getting some snuggles:

It looks like Rachel is whistling or maybe singing to Chiara:

I wonder if Asher is telling Audrey about a country:

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend pictures

Well, we had a full weekend and it's not over yet. This is a picture and Rachel and Chiara about to leave for Chiara's first day of school. Actually Rachel had an all-day training and Chiara went with her. They did great and Rachel said the class was very enamored of Chiara (how could they not be?)
Rachel and Chiara having a conversation:
How cute is that???

Asher likes snuggles with his sister every day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Julian Beever Sidewalk Art

Christie sent us an e-mail with some of these drawings in it. Julian Beever's art is pretty amazing.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekend pictures

We have a few pictures from the weekend. I'm not saying the ones from me are great but a friend of Rachel's was admonishing her that there aren't more pics of me on the blog. I glanced at these very quickly and my first thought was how much I look like my mother. Usually I think I look like my father but in the second picture, I see mom more than dad.

I think it's obvious that we're discussing deep thoughts.

How cute is that? (and is it supposed to be 80 degrees out in February?)

It's not a hook-em but still, she's got some gusto here.

A cute picture of Asher and Lisa Diane.

Lisa Diane's new Saris

Lisa Diane has a new Sari wardrobe for her friends's Sujata (I hope that's spelled right) and Aaron's wedding this week. I did not see (or get a picture of the pink one but I think these are beautiful:

Look at the design on this one.

This garment actually has a different name but I am sorry to say I didn't catch it...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Welcome to Dylan Sullivan

For those of you who know the Sullivans, you can welcome Dylan Sullivan. Dylan was born Monday to our friends Maggie and Jay with big sisters Molly and Leah. I don't have all the stats (time of birth, etc.) but I know that he tipped the scales at 10lb, 12 oz (way to go Maggie!).

You can see the similiary in size between the five week old Chiara and one day old Dylan:

He definitely has the "hook em" down!

Maggie and Dylan and oops, I don't know whether that's Molly or Leah.

How sweet!

Best wishes to the entire Sullivan family.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ode to GReader

So the other day I went to lunch with some friends at work. As it tends to, conversation turned to technology, e-mail, blogs, and the like. I love gmail and Google Calendar. But Chris (she of recommending that we put the pronounciation for Chiara here) told me about G-Reader (Google Reader?). Wow, what a totally great gadget. Assuming you have gmail and assuming you have a Google home page, you can add all the blogs you read (or anything else with an RSS feed) to the reader. Then you have a gadget on your home page with the blogs linked. If one gets updated, you automatically see it with a hyperlink so that you can read it right there in your home page or go to the page. It makes tracking blogs and reading new entries so easy and I never miss one.

So let's say it again: Yay for technology and specifically G-reader!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend

Chiara continues to grow and develop personality. She's focusing on things that have color contrast like lights and the lamp post (green against the white wall). I can't get many pictures of her smiling because the camera shines a bright light before it takes the picture. Look, she's learning one of my favorite games--tongue stickeys.
This one almost looks like a smile.

No kidding, mama took 20 pictures of me and Chiara and Asher with this hat and we didn't all have open eyes, look good in a single one. This is the best one of the lot.

Here's a picture of Chiara helping me fold some laundry.

Mama and Asher work on the ultimate contraption.

We have a new game called tramponline tag. It's just what you'd imagine but played on hands and knees or rolling onto your back.

LD and Joey came over Sunday and brought Asher's birthday present:

LD enjoyed it too!

Asher was pointing out parts to Joey. I'm not sure it helped.

Thanks, LD & Joey!