Monday, June 14, 2010

Cousin Camp Pictures

Phoebe is visiting for the week. We thought we'd do lots of ourside activities but it rained Tuesday - Thursday so it hasn't been as much outside as we thought.

Thursday (and Sunday) we went bowling. Neither Asher nor Chiara had ever been.

One day Phoebe dressed Chiara in lots of costumes but most of those picture are on Rachel's facebook account. Here's one:

Rachel super-braiding Phoebe's hair:

Snuggles & just hanging out:

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hat pictures

We haven't taken many pictures lately but here are a few. Asher got a new stylin, adjustable, and floatable hat on our first REI Anniversary sale trip a few weeks ago.

And Chiara has a new hat. Ok, really Chiara has a plastic tub that formerly held 100 plastic and colored bears but obviously it's a hat. Let me assure you that these are merely 2 of the 20 pictures of Chiara on different days and in assorted outfits (or lack thereof) with the same hat.

And here's the puppy-dog who was helping Mama in the garage yesterday.