Sunday, September 27, 2009

Camping at Inks Lake

We went camping this weekend at Inks Lake State Park. We made our reservations on-line a few weeks ago. When we arrived we bought a State Park Pass. My understanding was that the pass basically is purchased for a car/carload but the ranger who checked us in was insistent that it's on an individual and that I can't use the one on R's car so I actually bought the pass +1 which was $75 rather than $60 for a year. Online we chose a site that said it was "walk-in" and the ranger seemed like he couldn't imagine that was what we wanted but I said it was.

On the way to camping:

The site was perhaps the most awesome camp site ever. Our space was large enough to put up 4-5 tents. It had a picnic table and a fire/bbq pit, and extended all the way down to the water as you can see. And we actually had entry points on the water to swim. Now of course, that meant that other people went through the bottom part of the site to get to the water but it wasn't the main entry point so it wasn't too trafficy. In the last picture immediately below this, you can sort of see where the car is but it was 100 feet! Awesome.

The view from the rocks on the site:

Here's Chiara playing in the water (on our site):

The water entry point:

A few photos from our Saturday hike:

And finally the injury report. Ash got cactus in his hand and lips (from chewing on his shirt sleeve). I bet her stays on the path better next time. Chiara fell off the bench trying to get away from a fly or get it to get away from her.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


The Saturday before Labor day weekend we went camping with the Levines at Buescher State Park. It was a quick but very good outing. Chiara explored while we set up the tent:

A few group shots including Rachel, Chiara, Asher, Jonah, Alissa, and Mitzi:

And Jonah gets something to eat while Asher hides his head.

Saturday we walked into the office to find that Chiara had stolen my Ipod from where it was charging and was attempting to listen to some music:

And Rachel finished knitting Chiara's baby blanket. Can you tell Chiara loves it?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cool shoes and shades

Chiara loves putting on sunglasses - hers or someone else's. Here is she wearing her shades in the house. And here are her first pair of crocs. Actually she has two now - the other are a light green pair of Mary Jane crocs. Very cute. Rachel decorated these according to Chiara's request for butterflies.