Sunday, May 4, 2008

Farm Pictures Part One

We got home from a really good farm trip yesterday. It was Chiara's first time there and she of course, had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the computer to upload some of the photos or blogger to upload them or something... I was having enough trouble that I just decided to split the post into two parts. The second will be up in the next few days when I have a chance to choose pictures and upload them successfully. In the meantime, here are a few pictures.

Isn't this a great picture of Chiara and Grandma? We have a picture of Asher at a similar age wearing that onsie and playing with Andrea at the farm.
Asher of course got to ride his horse, April (or big April as you may want to call her given that she's quite a bit bigger than the April he plays with and sleeps with). He took a pretty spectacular tumble which I didn't get a picture of but he didn't hesitate to get right back on.

And he was happy to have his sister on April as well. In case you're wondering, Rachel is holding Chiara with her right hand: she's not just letting Asher hold his sister, much as he would like that.

And here's a cute picture of Chiara. I was trying to get a picture of Asher petting and hugging and kissing the brand-new horse (born Wednesday I think) but I couldn't get an angle. But cuttie-pie Chiara turned around to look for the camera.

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