Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. We had a very good Mother's day. By mutual agreement, our gift giving and celebrating was limited. Rachel got me some kitchen stuff (hand mixer, new can opener, etc.) and a small plant to take to work. I got her a necklace charm with all our names on it and a pancake puff pan. It was kind of a joke because the commercials used to always be on during Endurance Kids and kind of because I thought she would like it. (Oh, I shouldn't take credit, the pancake puff pan was from the kids).

So as you can see, we got up and Rachel made us pancake puffs. Asher ate plain ones with powdered sugar and we ate ones with Strawberry simply fruit, agave & pecans, or agave & almonds. All were good but the pecan were the best.

We went out for Indian food for lunch and to the local library to get cards and check out books. Then we had collard green, spinach, and potato quiche (mmm) with baked vegetables for dinner. Rachel also made whole wheat pizza dough for later in the week.

And now we're about to watch the Survivor finale (go Cirie!!! or go Amanda!!).

Congratulations to our neighbors the Moyners on expanding their family. We've loved meeting Jay and Kyra and look forward to seeing them grow and to seeing your beautiful family.

Finally, I can't believe this is five mother's days without my mom here. I miss her most days but especially all this week. Five years. Seems like yesterday but it's not. Again this year I made a donation to the Capitol Area Food Bank in mom's memory. I miss my Grandfather today as well. Even before we ever had kids, my Grandpa Joe sent us each a mother's day card every year. I miss them both more than I have words.

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Pixie said...

OMG. I am so jealous! I seriously want a pancake puff pan!!!
LOL- I have been salivating over it!