Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beach Trip - Port Aransas 2009

We went to the beach from Sunday to Friday of last week. We got a very good deal from A Laughing Horse Lodge for the off-season. We had stayed there before but not in the last five years. The weather was fantastic every day of our vacation and we went to the beach at least once and usually twice each day.

Here are some pictures of the space. It was a real lifestyle shock to fit into one bedroom/living room and a dining/kitchen area but we had a lot of fun. And every meal was a picnic!

Here's Chiara stealing my hat.

And Chiara stealing a bag and making it a hat.

We went down to the pier but didn't go out on it. This is the beginning of the pier before you go through the gate (and pay). Chiara is asleep but she looks all fallen over.

Asher's favorite part of Port Aransas was playing in the big shark in front of a store.


Here are some cute pictures of Chiara from before we went to the beach. In the first few she is walking around on the deck eating a Popsicle. They are these Mott's pure juice Popsicles and they are very yummy.

Whenever Chiara declines sleep in the evening she likes to climb up on the coffee table (actually she always likes climbing on anything).

The other night Rachel was finishing crocheting this hat (which she designed) and Chiara wanted to try it on.

Asher's First Lost Tooth

We left for vacation with Asher's front left bottom tooth very wiggly and thought he would lose it on vacation. Six days later, we returned with all our teeth still intact. A few hours later, he was messing with it and said, "Here's part of my tooth." It wasn't part. It was all. Now the tooth next to that one which was very loose is now really really loose. But he's lost his first tooth! Cute, huh?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So Big

Wow, Chiara is so unbelievably big! We went for her 15 month visit last week (even though she's 16 months old). She is actually doing all the tasks on the 18 month checklist and she got only one shot so it was a good visit. She walks, runs, nearly jumps, and says 25-30 words and parrots an even longer list. Her favorites include: eating cheese ("cheese, cheese"), riding in the car ("car, car"), putting on and off shoes ("shoes, shoes"), going out side ("side, gate!"), and drinking water ("Bwah, Bwah"). She also likes taking off or putting on clothes (not necessarily her own), climbing into and out of the bathtub, and standing on the furniture ("get down, get down").

Here she is pushing and pulling Asher around on the deck:

And here they are snuggling on the couch while Asher eats carrots.

She also loves to ride the horsey (not pictured) and play the piano: