Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Pictures

This first picture was taken during the week when the kids were snuggling on the hammock one day:

Rachel got some barefoot running shoes this weekend and Chiara loves to put them on. Lucy, of course, just loves anyone who is at lick-level:

We went to lunch and Freddies and the kids had fun playing on the playscape and in the rocks. Asher is wearing his Marathon Kids shirt. He just finished the 26.2 miles for last year's marathon and was excited to get the shirt.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some pictures

It's been dreadfully long since I posted any pictures. But here we go. Last week Rachel and I went to our friend Angelique's 40th birthday party and someone snapped a few shots of us. We both liked them enough that this shot has become both of our facebook profile pictures.

Rachel was trying get a good pic of the kids

Now that Chiara is the appropriate age and Netflix has episodes on instant stream, the Backyardigans are making a come-back at our house. Last week Rachel and the kids made masks for all five characters.

Chiara and I reading a little Sesame Street book:

Chiara and Phoebe playing.