Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gifts from the Godparents

Lisa Diane and Joey returned this week from their time in Mexico at Troy and Christinne's wedding. And they brought gifts for the kids (thank you again). And wow, what gifts.

Here are a few pictures of the kids together:

Asher in his new "party" outfit including one with his puzzle piece on his head.

And some of Chiara totally hamming it up for the camera:

I swear she sees either the sling or the camera and starts to react right off like some testament to Pavlov.

Unbelievably, she is six months old as of this weekend. I feel like it's been a warp speed six months. She rolls over and over, knocks down blocks, holds stuff and passes it from one hand to the other, pushes up off her stomach, high-fives, sits up for minutes at a time, and says hi if you say hi. And of course she's being training on the alphabet, numbers, colors, the rainbow, geography, Backyardigans, and musical theater. Happy half-birthday!

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LisaDiane said...

I am so relieved that everything fits. They look great! The kids look pretty good, too ;-)