Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boy bed

Well, you know there are certain things you need if you have kids. Clothes, food, towels, beds, you know? Things like that. I remember when we went shopping for a bed for Ash. It's a nice twin with double-stitched water-proof stitches or something like that. The salesman poured a cup of water on it and it just beaded off. Good thinking.

Of course, there's also this nice dog bed. Yep, about 2 nights a week we come in to find him happily and deeply asleep on Annie's bed. Hairy but happy.

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k. said...

Look at those long legs! That's just how kids are. More entertained by the box than the present. I had a friend in med school who slept on the floor even after his parents bougt him a really nice bed (the cat slept on the bed!). Whatever works.