Thursday, July 3, 2008

Your Arm is a Map of the World is a Map of the World

We took Chiara to her six month doctor's visit today. We waited in the waiting room (appropriate, huh?) for longer than usual while I sat and paced and obsessed over how incredibly crookedly their bill of patient rights and posters about babies needing tummy time and other decorations were. Then the nurse came to the door and called "Sierra" and I sat there while Rachel looked around and said, "That's us!" Wow. I'm glad she got it because I'd still be sitting there in the waiting room. Guess that serves us right though for the whole unusual name choice.

Everything was perfectly fine of course. Chiara is doing everything they asked about except eating any food and she was happy and all that. Right up until the vaccines but that's pretty reasonable. Then we headed to get something to eat and ended up at Trudy's. So one of the servers went by with a tray on his arm and we spotted his tattoo. Knowing how much Ash would have wanted to see it, I flagged him down (with a very cool, "hey, Dude!") and asked to take a picture. He of course said sure and peeled back his shirt. He did point out that its missing Sri Lanka and Madagascar which Asher will certainly notice as well. So thanks to Bryan for letting us take a picture. His arm is a map of the world is a map of the world.

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Pixie said...

That's funny- I love that song!!!! hhaha