Saturday, June 21, 2008

Duck and Goose Challenge?

I will have plenty of pictures to post from our trip to the farm but since I can't download them until we get home, that will have to wait.

Lately we have been playing a lot of games with Asher. We're trying to steer him toward games that 1. require interaction and 2. don't require a prop. I think that our impetus was to limit the number of toys at the table but it's very fun. Current favorites include:
  • "On the way to the farm I saw" - Usually this one is only played while driving to the farm but it could be played anytime and any place. We take turns listing things we saw on the way to the farm (1 elephant, 2 unicycles, 3 Ferris wheels, etc.) and repeat them adding on to the list.
  • "Number stories" - We take turns telling a story about a number. The number is simply the main character in the story such as 129 decided to go shopping for sneakers and a ball point pen or something and it details his day. Frequently the number has a friend which is 2 less who goes with him/her. And it counts continuously from day to day.
  • 20 Questions - This one is very fun to play with Ash. He asks some very good questions like "is it visible?" and "do we see this regularly?" as well as some funny ones like "is it a chiropractor" (we have no idea).
  • "Duck challenge" - Ok, the name started because he has a game called "dot challenge" in a white-board book where each person takes turns drawing lines to try and form boxes (Asher tries to get the other players to win boxes). Duck challenge is like 20 questions except that you think of a country rather than a thing.
  • Goose challenge - Another 20 questions game but you think of a number.
We've been having fun with all of these. If you have any more suggestions of games to play with a 4 year old that don't involve props, let us know.

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