Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dude, how cute.

Somehow this first picture is kind of out-of-focus (I guess the auto-focus camera was confused) but the other picture (which I'm not posting) was in focus but I had a slack-jawed-yokel look on my face.
Dig it. That's Chiara in her high chair for the first time! She has invented the best game. She picks up a toy (each toy actually), then throws it on the floor. Then waits for Rachel to pick it up. It's really great as I think anyone who has ever had a baby knows. Pretty funny too if you like that kind of humor. I wonder if Ash sat next to her if he would like the game...
This thing is crinkly but also pretty tasty...
And finally, I don't think we've made any secret of our interest in giving Chiara wild hair-dos. This one is courtesy of putting some almond oil on her dry scalp but while she has oil in her hair, no reason not to have fun, right? Right?


jujuderoussie said...

Oh those pices are so cute! She is a real model! A hair model! Adorable.

a dyeah, why not use the time when she has almond oil on her hair to play with! The other day at the grocery store there was a baby not 1 year old I think with this coloured hair gel on... That's ridiculous.
But this? It is funny, cute and not meesing with her hair!
Please take pictures everytime you "play" like this!

Oh and she has a great smile. I swear it makes me smile! (which today is hard to do..)

Thank you for sharing those awesome pictures!



PS: you've noticed too that when a picture is really great there is always a focus problem? or light problem?

Pixie said...

that baby is absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS.