Sunday, June 22, 2008

Farm Trip Pictures

We got home yesterday afternoon from a trip to the farm. It was a really wonderful trip with great food, good company, and a brand new Wii and Wii Fit (not for us but we played with it). The drive up took a while due to many factors including Chiara not being settled in the car. On a non-unrelated note, Chiara has a new tooth. The matching one is working its way through but she was much more calm in the car coming home. We took probably 150 pictures and 8 videos but I've tried to get a reasonable smattering of pictures. I'll work on choosing and posting videos later this week.

I did not get a picture of Rachel actually playing Super Hula Hoop while nursing the baby (not in the sling) but here is one of the two of them playing tennis. It makes me remember the time she nursed Asher while we kayaked on Town Lake. I felt like it would qualify her for the mommy Olympics (a sport with events such as "find a potty quickly in a public place", "stand-up diaper change", "answering hard questions", and "nursing while doing extreme sports."). Asher loved playing both sports and Fit but it seemed like the balance board sometimes couldn't detect his movements. Oh, his Wii Fit age is 22 which makes me think that the algorithm is not designed with little kids in mind. Both of them are playing tennis in these pictures.

On Friday we went into Dallas to meet Ina for lunch. Chiara was very happy to be held and we got many pictures of Ina with the kids.

On the way home from Dallas, we saw a pretty strange sight:

Andrea and Asher did some working out on the Health Rider:

Chiara did some rolling across and back and across and back the blanket:

Also some professional level toy-chewing:

Asher and Grandma and Chiara playing with a puzzle:

Asher and Granddaddy watching Madagascar:

By the end of the weekend, Chiara had her first tooth and her first haircut:


k. said...

I'm not sure how the age on the wii fit works, but on the wii sports challenge the youngest you can be is 21 I think. Just so you know....

Team Serrins Springfield said...

See that makes sense if the youngest age is 21. I had figured that because of his balance, it just judged him older but it would make sense if he only could be 21 or older. You should see his little guest Mii though. We didn't make him a custom Mii but we told the guest Mii that he was 43 inches and 34 pounds and it is teeny tiney.

Anonymous said...

Hello Debra,

I played on the Wii too this weekend, I can't wait 'till I can try to play Wii Fit. It is very fun.

Why did Chiara get a hair cut?

Anyway, now you've got "RĂ©union" in the locations from where we watch your blog. :)

Have a nice day.

LisaDiane said...

I am so glad you got to see Ina. The pictures with her are great! Looking forward to seeing you soon.