Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unbridaled cuteness

Wow, everyone is looking cute these days. Rachel got her hair cut and is really happy with it. She says it's the best hair cut she's ever had which is saying something. Here are shots of the front and back. Very cute and easy to handle.

Rachel and Asher comparing smiles.
I wish I could have gotten the red-eye out better on this one.
Chiara comparing her own smile to itself...

And for those of you who want to know what Chiara is up to, she hasn't managed to really roll over yet but she's close. What is she doing? A lot of talking. Here is an example.

And you know how some people have that fantasy of rolling in money? Asher obviously fantasizes about rolling in number flashcards.

1 comment:

Najla said...

Rachel..LOVE the hair (but I've also loved your other 'dos as well...) And for the other pics, truly very cute. I am thinking that the rolling in numbered flash cards may come back to haunt him one day (parents...first date...prom???), but for the moment he looks like's he's enjoying himself. Now, I need to find something to roll in...I'd go for rhinestones but they aren't too comfy!