Monday, April 21, 2008

San Jacinto Day

Happy San Jacinto Day! I have been waiting for a year for the perfect combination of weather, free time, child care, etc. to stain the playscape. It arrived today. I had the day off for San Jacinto day, Rachel was home, and Kathryn even came in the afternoon. Add to that it was in the 80s all day and sunny in the afternoon and you've got a great combination. So I stained the play scape (Rachel did the high roof both because she could reach it and because once I got on that ladder, I wasn't comfortable). Then (at Rachel's suggestion) I stained the deck and table and benches. It all looks great or it will when it's dry.

But everyone who I've told that I had the day off had the same question. What's San Jacinto Day? Well, I'm ashamed to say that after 12 years or more of working for Texas and getting this holiday off every year, I didn't know. But the power of the Internet...

According to The San Jacinto Museum of History "On April 21, 1836, Mexican rule over Texas came to a dramatic close. The climax of the Texas Revolution, the Battle of San Jacinto eventually moved America’s western border to the Pacific Ocean. And its story will move you—to a better understanding of America."

Well, there you go. Your Texas history lesson for the day.


Najla said...

Heavens! Did you miss your Texas history classes on this one???? I'm a little shocked. Oh I could just one and one with pieces of trivia on this event, but I'll spare all the readers. Next time, phone a friend and I'll help bring you up to speed!


Team Serrins/Springfield said...

I didn't take Texas history because I didn't move to Texas (gasp!) until the 9th grade. I can tell you all about Titusville history (4th grade) or Pennsylvania or Florida history though (on second thought, maybe I've forgotten all of it).