Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter Pictures

Last week we were invited over to the Serrins/Kremer Easter egg hunt and celebration. It was the first year we've gone and I remember that one year we all had colds but I don't remember why we've never been otherwise. It was a really fun morning with Asher and Ezra getting to hunt for Easter eggs. Our hosts had ensured that each child (including Chiara and Joey) had a special item with his/her name on it and Asher's was a fun card game of puzzle monsters. Chiara and Joey got wrist rattles and everyone got a chocolate bunny (to bite the ears off first!).

We forgot our camera but David took some pictures and shared them (thanks, David). Here's one of Joey and Chiara with Christie & Chuck.

Here are the four cousins. Ezra is holding Joey and Asher is holding Chiara. (I think the second picture is a better picture of everyone but you can see Rachel's arm so this one shows that the kids are really holding the babies).

Cutie pie:
Ezra shows Asher some computer games.
We had a wonderful time and great lunch and are so happy to have family to share the day with.

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