Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This post has some assorted cute pictures as well as some pictures from our trip to the zoo with the Sullivans.

First, here are a few pictures of Chiara following her shower wearing the embroidered bear (or maybe doggie) blanket from LD & Joey. We have a very similar picture of Asher in a towel I embroidered before he was born and without the difference in hair color, they look even more similar.

Here's the Longhorn flirting and playing.

And here are Asher, Mama, and Chiara singing one of the songs from School house Rock.

Dentist and Zoo
Yesterday was Asher's 4 year old dentist exam. The original plan was that I would take him and Rachel and Chiara would stay home but then it occurred to Rachel and Maggie that since the dentist's office is near the zoo, we could all go there. Asher has a really awesome dentist who seems to really "get" kids and talk to them about whatever they are interested in (also she thought Chiara was beautiful). I also love that when we got there the intake girl (Carol -- hmmm, intake girl sounds like a dubious title) said, "we have Asher scheduled for a cleaning, exam, fluoride treatment, and x-rays but we'll get whatever done we get done and that's ok." Considering that at the time she said it he was seeing if he could slide all the way off the chair like it was a slide at the playground, it seemed quite realistic.

Anyway, then we went to meet the Sullivans at the zoo. We had a great time although going in the afternoon means that most of the animals are sleeping. The only awake large animal was this tiger who was pacing and actually growled at us! Something I love about the Austin Zoo is that you can be so close to the big cats.

If it was up to Asher he would have gone into every cage and hugged every animal. When Rachel asked him what was his favorite part of the zoo, he said getting to go in and pet the goats and sheep and when she asked him his least favorite, he said that all the animals were in cages and he couldn't go in with them. Here's a picture of him hugging a huge goat.

And here are pictures of Asher feeding the spotted deer (you couldn't go in there). Leah and Molly wanted to feed them too but by throwing the food rather than letting the animals eat from their hands. I'm pretty sure that the deer were fine with that.

Oh, the funniest part of our visit was when we were waiting for the Sullivans and wandering near the monkey cages. Two women came by with one of them carrying her little girl who was probably about 2 1/2 or so and the woman was kind of struggling to carry her. She looked at Rachel who had Chiara asleep in the sling and said, "that sure looks uncomfortable." I think it would have been a strange comment either way but given how she was struggling to carry her child, it was quite ironic.


And finally, we want to send out a big welcome and congratulations to Kae and Andrew on the arrival of Daniel Ransom Zimmerman 4/1/2008 8 lb. 6 oz. 21 inches long. I'm sure we'll get some pictures on Etherlimits soon.

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