Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekly Pictures

Here are the cutest of the pictures from last week. Thursday evening we were reading and the phone rang and it was for Asher. It was actually Molly & Leah's grandmother (Aynne) calling for Leah who apparently wanted to talk to Asher. Here are a few pictures of him talking to her for a few minutes. Molly got on the phone after Leah but didn't have as much to say.

Chiara adores Annie. The other night she was practically laying on Annie and just petting and petting her. In spite of what a shameless ham she is for the camera, I had trouble getting her to look at me.

Dig those chompers!
Asher doesn't draw pictures of people or animals that often. Usually he draws inventions or countries or numbers or letters. But this picture is Stuart Little (obviously), Sophie (from Mamma Mia), and someone else.
And this is the wonderful pie Rachel and Asher made for my birthday. It had chocolate chips on bottom and top and vanilla pudding. Apparently Asher originally lobbied for a much longer message and Rachel talked him down.

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