Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Pics

Technically the first picture is from before the weekend. As Rachel was pulling out the bags for the trip to the farm, she found a big brother present from Mitzi et. al. that we had never given Ash before. Oops. Anyway, here you can see him wearing his animal apron and my cowboy hat. Actually the apron will be very useful now that he's started helping cook a little.

Here Ash is playing table tilt (his favorite) while Chiara and Rachel watch.

And there is one more video but it took a long time to upload this one. Before bed Saturday night Asher and Andrea were reading Fox in Sox. I don't know who thought that it would be a good book to sing but they took turns singing each page. It's a little hard to understand Asher because he's using a funny singing-voice, accent but he really is singing the page.

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