Sunday, September 7, 2008

A mouse, a crawler, and a new ride

Asher has been Stuart Little (or one of the characters from Mamma Mia) for a few weeks or more. He drew his self portrait and Rachel managed to take a picture before he erased it:

Chiara seriously has only two moods: Grumpy and happy/laughing. Yesterday at dinner Christie made the comment that she is a totally different baby when she's not teething and I think we would both agree. Here's how she is most of the time:

We spent a good portion of Saturday and Sunday shopping for a bike for my birthday in a few weeks. Rachel had actually really wanted to get me one months ago and I was being stubborn but I finally decided that the one I have was just not usable for me. We started looking at "hybrids" which meant "comfort" rides and those were really not what I wanted. So we went back yesterday and chose this bike (A Fuji Absolute 3.0). It's considered a road bike but a "commuter." I'm pretty excited even though our schedule won't really allow a ride until Tuesday.

And finally. Here is the proof that Chiara is crawling. Seriously.

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