Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well Chiara has started eating and she's a riot. If you like babies covered in food that is. She thinks it is just the most hysterical thing to squish the food between her fingers and then rub it all over herself (or anyone who comes within reach). I hope that banana is good moisturizer. In the first three pictures she is holding the little mesh baggie that you put smushy food into so that the baby can't choke on a piece:

And here she is cool-chillin after eating some sweet potatoes:

Then she and LD ate blocks. I hope they weren't counting on the nutritional value.

They had a lot of fun playing.

And Annie has detected Chiara's overwhelming love for balls and has started bringing the ball to (or near) her waiting for Chiara to throw it. I suspect she will have to go on waiting for a while.

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