Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smiling and trying to clap.

You know, it gets hard to title these posts. How many posts can I reasonably title "cute pics" or "how cute" or whatever? I'm not saying I'm going to change anything, but I can feel the sympathy rolling in.

Nonetheless and in spite of teething quite miserably, Chiara has still been adorable all week. She's working on clapping and by working on, I mean watching and then waving her hands near each other as she does. She does high five so it's a little like clapping, right? Only clapping with someone else. Anyway, these pictures were from when I was trying to catch her trying to clap but the ones where her hands are near each other look rotten and the ones where she looks cute don't show her hands doing anything interesting.

I should also admit before we go much further that I'm starting to suspect that she has some Beaver blood. Anytime she sits in a high chair, she leans forward and starts to chew on the table. Our table at home has bite marks all up one side. I just hope this doesn't limit her college choices to Oregon State, California Institute of Technology, or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Not that those aren't all fine colleges but we'd like a few more choices.

And no, we have not contacted Fisher Price to determine if the farm cart from the Little People farm is safe for chewing.

Finally, here is a shot of Asher in his dragon towel. You know how sometimes you need your child to run and run and run without you actually needing to leave the house (as in cooking dinner)? We have some running and running and running in the house games we play like run Christie numbers to the front door (magnetic numbers, metal front door), running calendar pieces to the front door, running various magnets back from the front door. Well the other night before dinner, Rachel, Chiara, and Asher took a bath. He got out and put on his dragon towel and had a ton of energy. So I suggested that being a dragon, he might want to make sure no knights were attempting to enter our castle through the door. He happily did and we suggested possible points of entry for another 20 minutes while he ran, checked on knights, and returned with a report. Obviously this picture was taken later (while watching Backyardigans).

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