Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekend pictures

Happy July 4th to everyone even though it's not the 4th anymore. I hope everyone had a safe and exciting day or weekend. We enjoyed our weekend very much. It included a visit from Deborah, Katie, and Zach. We also went over to LD & Joey's 10th Anniversary/July 4th party and had a great time.

Asher really enjoyed playing with or snuggling Zach:

He also stole my hat off my head and walked around with it on saying that it was his hat (causing some trash talk from Katie...)

Zach enjoyed snuggling with Lucy:

and jumping on the trampoline:

Chiara enjoyed looking cute and modeling some new clothes from Nana Ina:

Asher also declared for the first time that he wanted to eat his corn from the cob and did a great job of it:

And this one is from the other day. Asher was playing with his doll, "Doll" (yes, that's his name), and declared that Doll was upset and crying and needed to nurse so Asher nursed him. Well done, Ash!

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Zip n Tizzy said...

Oh I love a guy who doesn't let something like "being a boy" get in the way of nursing. Go Asher.
Looks like a fun time!