Sunday, August 3, 2008

Baby Wars or Lovefest?

We were supposed to go to see Beauty and Beast at the Zilker summer musical Saturday. But alas, the best made plans and all that stuff... You know the drill. Instead Joey and Lisa Diane (who arrived in Austin around 10:00 on a truly impressive flight and non-flight and waiting in airports with no chairs story from San Diego) came over bringing not only dinner but Kay and Daniel as well.

I feel like in the first picture the babies are trying to hug and in the second, it looks more like each thinks the other called their mama a name or something. Then the third is like I caught them with the whole, "Not my mama!" business.

Asher, of course, wanted to hold Daniel since he'll hold any baby that will hold still (and most babies even if they don't hold still since his plan is to wrestle them into submission anyway). Rachel told me that the other day he held Daniel, then asked to hold Chiara and that as soon as he got his sister, he whispered to her that she was the best baby. I'm sure it was intended as no insult to Daniel.

Joey wanted to hold Daniel as well and somehow his nephew took it much better than his mama's girl Goddaughter does.

I don't think Chiara's reticence to be held by Joey (or anyone but Rachel or I) is caused by Joey's being a gangsta!

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