Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adoption Party (er... Open house)

Yesterday we had the Party (ok, Open House) for Chiara's second parent adoption. Basically was wanted to have an Open House to make it less presurey for people to show up at a certain time and leave at a certain time. But most people showed up near the beginning and stayed quite a while which was really great. Some of our guests we hadn't seen in quite a while (including a few who hadn't met Chiara yet which says that we need to socialize more).

So in no particular order. We had food (of course): egg casseroles, chocolate chip cookies, crudites, chips, and some really great natural-good-for-you cupcakes that the Sullivans brought but that I didn't take a picture of:

For entertainment, we had toys indoors of course, fantastic conversation and the slip n'slide and kiddie pool outside.

Owen looked great on the slip n' slide (Have a great first day of school, Owen!).

And Monica, Owen, and Willow had a lot of fun in the kiddie pool. Later Owen, Asher, (and then Charlotte and Ezra but I didn't get pictures of them) played a very complicated game of golfbaseballtrampoline. I went out and put a kibosh on the golf/trampoline part but I think that was for the best.

Monica, Willow, Owen, Molly, and Leah look like they're having an fun discussion.

The Libba and Liam half of Team Letton-McCabe

A few group shots of (if I spot everyone here) Willow, Joey, Karen, Robin, Rachel, Chiara, Ezra, Vickie, Tash, Wylie, LD, David.

And normally I wouldn't post both of these pictures but I think it's worth of posting or perhaps contacting Guinness that LD had her eyes open for two straight pictures. What are the odds? Perhaps the hat is a special eye opening magic hat.

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