Friday, August 15, 2008

Adoption Complete!

Yay and also Yay! We went to the courthouse today to complete Chiara's second-parent adoption. There's not a lot to say about it but we're very happy and the judge was so nice and happy for us. Here's a picture from today with both kids and the judge and one from 10/04 when we completed Asher's adoption.

Another couple was there with us today completing their second-parent adoption to congratulations to Liz and Brooke and Lennox.

On the way to the courthouse, we stopped in the park so Ash could sing a song on the stage:

And to all the people who see the blog and say, "Why weren't there any pictures of you on the blog?" Here you go:

Flirty McFlirterson:


Zip n Tizzy said...

Look at your happy smiling family.

jujuderoussie said...

Hello, congratulations! You four look really like a happy family.

I wish you all my best,



The O'Neills said...

Many congratulations! We are looking forward to celebrating with you!

Jimmy, Laura, Anna and Megan said...

Congratulations! You all look so happy and beautiful - hope to get to see you soon when we make our next trip out to Austin!

The Wrights

Team Serrins Springfield said...

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes!