Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend

Chiara continues to grow and develop personality. She's focusing on things that have color contrast like lights and the lamp post (green against the white wall). I can't get many pictures of her smiling because the camera shines a bright light before it takes the picture. Look, she's learning one of my favorite games--tongue stickeys.
This one almost looks like a smile.

No kidding, mama took 20 pictures of me and Chiara and Asher with this hat and we didn't all have open eyes, look good in a single one. This is the best one of the lot.

Here's a picture of Chiara helping me fold some laundry.

Mama and Asher work on the ultimate contraption.

We have a new game called tramponline tag. It's just what you'd imagine but played on hands and knees or rolling onto your back.

LD and Joey came over Sunday and brought Asher's birthday present:

LD enjoyed it too!

Asher was pointing out parts to Joey. I'm not sure it helped.

Thanks, LD & Joey!

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