Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ode to GReader

So the other day I went to lunch with some friends at work. As it tends to, conversation turned to technology, e-mail, blogs, and the like. I love gmail and Google Calendar. But Chris (she of recommending that we put the pronounciation for Chiara here) told me about G-Reader (Google Reader?). Wow, what a totally great gadget. Assuming you have gmail and assuming you have a Google home page, you can add all the blogs you read (or anything else with an RSS feed) to the reader. Then you have a gadget on your home page with the blogs linked. If one gets updated, you automatically see it with a hyperlink so that you can read it right there in your home page or go to the page. It makes tracking blogs and reading new entries so easy and I never miss one.

So let's say it again: Yay for technology and specifically G-reader!


Sally said...

I've been reading your blog for months now via Google Reader! I love it.

watty said...

I agree, without greader there's no way I can keep track of all the blogs, news, photologs I read ... any site worth its salt nowadays should have an rss feed. There's also a share feature so your friends (in the facebook definition of 'friend') can see what you read.

LisaDiane said...

OK, so since I was not using greader, I never read your Oder to GReader, and thus have been missing out on all the fun. Thanks for getting me back on track (in the old fashioned, speak-in-person way of communicating)!