Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rachel's Birthday

Hmmm. I thought there were some adorable pictures here of Chiara smiling and floating in the bathtub. I'll have to make those their own entry. Ok.

We had a little birthday lunch for Rachel at Freddie's this weekend. It was short notice so not all our guests could make it but those who did enjoyed the weather and play scape and of course food and cake. When we told Asher who was coming he said, "Those are all my best friends!" Very exciting.

I baked the cake and Asher and Rachel iced it:

It was my first time to meet Dylan Sullivan and hold him. What a cutie!

Audrey, Will, & Keegan ordering some lunch:

Ash getting some snuggles:

It looks like Rachel is whistling or maybe singing to Chiara:

I wonder if Asher is telling Audrey about a country:

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