Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween and Journaling

Asher and I went trick-or-treating last night while Rachel gave out candy. We didn't get as fully cat-ed up as Sunday but we both wore our tails and hats. Actually he's wearing his tail today too. He's still a cat he says. We went to three houses. I had planned that we would go to six--all people we know. But most of them were at parties so we went to two houses on our street and one on the adjoining block. Then we came home and helped give out candy. We saw some really good costumes. Asher tried a krackle I think. I thought Tootsie Rolls would be kind of hard to eat.

We had fun.

Also yesterday, he wrote his first journal entry. Rachel was outside playing with him and writing in her journal and he wanted to do the same. So she got him a notebook and pencil and said that you can write how you feel. He wrote: "Happy!" I don't want to quote his entire entry because that seems like an invasion of his privacy but basically he summarized his day playing at Heather's (Happy) and how he feels about Lucky (Happy). Very cute.

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