Friday, November 30, 2007


Dave is doing better since his bike crash. You may (or may not) know that he crashed while out riding on Thanksgiving. I hear people say that they don't need a helmet because they are in control of their bike (or skateboard or rollerblades, etc.) but you can't be in control of your bike AND other people's bikes AND stray dogs AND cars driven by people talking on the phone or applying makeup. Dave is a very accomplished rider as is Joe, yet they crashed last week.

Joe broke his clavicle. David broke his clavicle, scapula, elbow, two ribs, punctured his lungs and spent 3 days in the hospital as well as having surgery on his clavicle and his elbow. He'll be doing PT for quiet a while. And both Joe & David's helmets broke. In David's words, he's "not a vegetable" because his helmet was fitted correctly. The NHTSA has easy instructions to make sure your helmet (and your kids's) are fitted correctly.

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