Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Halloween Party

We had our now traditional Halloween party this Sunday. By a few hours before the party, nearly everyone who was invited had RSVP'd and we were expecting a full house. A few families canceled so that was disappointing. But the guests and hosts had a great time (or so it seemed).

I don't want to post all the pictures but here are a few highlights. The Cat in the Hat and Little Cat F were the hosts. The first guests and my favorite grown-up costume was Will as The Man in the Yellow Hat! Dig that yellow suit!

Other guests included a cat, a skunk (who didn't put on his costume but that's ok), a scientist (not mad), a harlequin bug, a magic 8-ball, the unibomber, Moaning Myrtle (complete with toilet seat), Snow White, The Mad Hatter (or at least his hat), a vampire, and a ... golf head?

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