Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Lucky's" Room

Well, it's not complete but we are really making great progress on Lucky's room and I wanted to post a few pictures. First I (Debra) painted two coats of this very pretty yellow on the walls and ceiling. That went very well but it seemed a bit too bright. So then we got an off-white shade and mixed it 1/4 with glaze and LD and I did a faux finish using feather dusters. That looks pretty cool. Rachel drew a sun and moon on opposite walls (Sun = North and Moon = South).

She painted the moon a very deep blue and we are going to get glow-in-the-dark stickers for little stars on it. Unfortunately we haven't found them yet.

The sun, she painted the same blue from Asher's room and then put clouds (as you can see).

We have a new dresser from IKEA (white and right under the moon) and we still need to set up the crib and bassinet as well as moving the new rocking chair into the room. Last night we started to go through boxes of clothes that Asher wore as a baby as well as other hand-me-downs that we had never opened. It reminded us once again both how adorable baby clothes are and how generous everyone has been.

I'll post more pictures when we have the little stars on the moon.

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