Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day at the Round Rock Express Game

My friend is working for Accenture. A few weeks ago she posted on Facebook that she had 2 extra tickets for a company party at the Round Rock Express game if anyone wanted to come so I responded immediately that Chiara and I would go. The party was great and included free food, free drinks, (not free alcohol), balloons, foam fingers, blow-up bang sticks, a T-shirt for each of us, and some other stuff I can't even remember. We also donated $5 to charity and spun a wheel to win a plastic bat, glove (for a righty so it won't work for Chiara), 2 pizza deal cards, and a picture of Nolan Ryan.

More importantly for Chiara the park has a bouncy house and playscape that are open before and all through the game and had another 2 big bouncy houses open out front a little before the game. The park also has a "train" that drives in the parking lot and the 4 of us rode that when the kids were ready for a break from the bouncy houses. We also saw (and Chiara hi-fived) the HE Buddy mascot.  And we saw Spike and his dad but not up close.  I can't even say how much joy it gives me to know that someone had the idea and then made an extra mascot for Spike's dad to be at the game. 

The greatest tragedy of the evening was that we never found the mythical face painting booth. Even without face painting we had great fun and got to spend a little time with our friends.

Chiara and the purple balloon
"We're #1!"
The four of us in our seats
They let the dads and kids on the field to play catch before the game

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