Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Family Vacation in Port Aransas

Last week we went on vacation in Port Aransas.  We had not been in 3 years mainly due to financial considerations. Originally we hoped for a trip with the Serrins sibling group and children but everyone is busy with camps and jobs and travel so only part of that group could come.  We did an online search and found a nice property a few blocks from the beach. 

We all arrived on Wednesday and met some close friends of Mitzi's who were vacationing nearby.  Then Thursday it rained and stormed - not ideal weather for a trip to the beach.  In the morning, we went to walk around on the main strip and let the kids get souvenirs.  One of the shops in Port Aransas has a huge shark in front that everyone always goes in and through and takes pictures.  Asher, Chiara, Alissa, and her friend, Danielle, posed before going to choose souvenirs and boogie boards. 

The kids were also good sports about posing in various face-cut out signs around the island. 

We filled water balloons and played catch (getting farther and farther apart with each catch) until we ran out of balloons. 

Chiara liked getting to pose in all three of the cut-outs in this board and it was low enough that she could reach all the spots. 

One of Chiara's souvenirs was this springy flashy guy. 

The weather turned more clear on Thursday but still cool (75 out) and then got hot and stayed hot and beautiful for the remainder of our trip. 

Our last night in town we ate at our favorite restaurant on the island - Shells.  We asked the waitress to take a quick picture. 

"On the way" home on Saturday we stopped at the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi.  This dolphin is fine - just playful and apparently he likes swimming upside down.

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