Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas at the Farm (2011)

We spent Christmas at the farm as we always do.  We were there for a week so we had time to enjoy all the family and relax.  Lately I can't reorder pictures on blogger very well so these are in no particular order. 

Dad, Rachel, Michelle, Asher, Mom, and Dwayne (moving very fast) working on Asher's 1000 Piece Periodic Table of the Elements puzzle.

Andrea, Asher, and Chiara watching A Bugs Life

Chiara opening a present

Asher opening...

Chiara picked these slippers out for Rachel. I can't even describe how thrilled both of them were about the gift. 

Andrea made afghans for Chiara, Asher, and one for Rachel and I. Here Chiara models her afghan.

I made Mom and Dad this afghan

Asher's new afghan

I'm keeping this on here just to say that for some strange reason, this season all the pictures of Asher are like this - eyes closed, looking away, ... bad pictures

Our gorgeous afghan!

Chiara and mom playing with her new computer

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