Monday, January 2, 2012

Chiara's 4th Birthday Party

We had Chiara's Birthday party a bit early (the 17th) to avoid the holidays bracketing her actual birthday.  The theme was Mary Poppins (her current interest) and we had chalk painting and kites.  We could not really figure out how to have horse racing or tea parties on the ceiling.  Joey took some of these pictures (the good ones) so thank you to Joey!

Chiara in her Mary Poppins Dress surveying the chalk area.

Some of the chalk drawings

Christie doing some chalk art

Time for cake!

I can't believe Chiara is 4
Rachel made the doll previously but then she made all the new clothes and hat for Chiara's birthday party day.

Mary Poppins cake by Rachel as well.

Joey working on a kite

Chiara got right to the presents!

This busy box has been a huge hit

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