Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mmm. Cheese

One of Chiara's favorite foods (and words) is cheese. If she sees anyone with cheese she will start chanting "cheese, cheese" at them. The other day we were making some California Roll at the island and she climbed up into the Learning Tower and helped herself to some of the tub of cream cheese.

This is one of her favorite dresses (puppy dogs!). The other day she had it on and wanted to wear the hat but every time I tried to take her picture, she walked up to smile as close to the camera as she could. So I have a whole bunch of pictures of the pores on her nose or her two front teeth and these.

And Asher now has reading glasses. We got him two pairs because there was a special and he likes the way this pair fits better although I like the look of the other pair.

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