Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Pictures

Our Independence Day was pretty low-key this year. We were supposed to go to the farm but through a long story that I won't go into here, we didn't. That meant that we were able to attend LD & Joey's annual July 4th/Anniversary (11th) party. The party was fun although the crowd seemed somewhat smaller than usual. And it gave us a chance to dress the kids up. Nana Ina sent Chiara this very pretty dress (with a matching hat) a few months ago and LD & Joey brought Asher the shirt from Mexico last year (it has matching shorts but he chose not to wear them this year).

I really love these two pictures:

Assorted pictures of Chiara. I just kept clicking and she just kept closing her eyes or trying to grab the camera but I got a few good ones.

And then we tried to get Asher to pose with some pictures with his sister or with me and his sister or just by himself.

I think he's singing here but you can see the space for his two missing teeth.

Happy late Independence Day, everyone!

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