Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chiara's first big outing - Tuesday

I don't have any new pictures but yesterday we took Chiara's first big outing. The entire family went to IKEA and then Kim Phung (our favorite Vietnamese restaurant). She was kind of unhappy getting into the car seat but once we started moving she calmed down and went to sleep. At IKEA, Rachel wore her in the sling and Asher walked/ran (stepping on all the arrows). We even ran into a friend at the store (hi, Sarah). We got an adjustable table/desk for Asher's room for his birthday (no, we didn't spoil the surprise -- he doesn't know what we bought or why). Interestingly he was very upset that the table top being between their seats meant that he couldn't see Chiara for the rest of the ride. We don't want him upset but we like that he's so attached to her that he wants to be able to see her in the car.

Then we went to Kim Phung and had all our usual meals. Interestingly, our usual waitress made no mention of Rachel no longer being pregnant and now having a baby in a sling. It was very busy but it was a bit strange.

We declared the outing a success.

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