Thursday, January 17, 2008

Asher is Four!

Well, somehow I can't believe that Asher is four. Four years old. I've been saying it all day today and yesterday kept saying that it was his last day to be three. It seems like a moment in time and all the time in the world at the same time.

We had a very quiet family day at home. Asher, the homebody, didn't want to go out for breakfast or lunch. He just wanted a chocolate cupcake with green frosting. You can see his presents in this picture. The desk/table is adjustable in height so that he can stand at it and make puzzles or draw and later we can raise it to be a desk he can sit at. And the marble run was a much more huge hit than we even expected. We all played with it all day. The first few times we dropped any marbles in the run, Asher danced up and down and cheered. I tried to get some video but he was over the cheering and dancing by that time.
The lady at HEB had to go in back and put green icing on a cupcake but she did.

Did I mention four?

Also, LD had this picture of Joey and Chiara on her phone from last week but we just got it. Look at what a great picture and Chiara is totally awake and alert.

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